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Q & A

Before we dive in, we want to let you know that you can ask questions below in the comment section and we will respond and update our post with the answer to your questions. We want this to be an ongoing information hub for all of our clients, followers, and those just passing through.

Let's go:

Q1: What services do you offer under your branding and marketing suite?
A1: We offer a range of tailored branding and marketing services, including brand strategy, visual identity design, content creation, digital marketing, social media management, and more. We also offer logistic services such as 3PL.

Q2: How can your e-commerce building services benefit my business?
A2: Our e-commerce solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We ensure your online store is user-friendly, mobile-responsive, SEO optimized, and integrated with necessary tools to provide your customers and team with a comfortable experience.

Q3: I already have an e-commerce website. Can you help with improvements and optimization?
A3: Absolutely! We can conduct a thorough audit of your existing site, suggest improvements, and implement changes to enhance user experience, internal teams experience, and core functionality.

Q4: What is 3PL, and why would I need it?
A4: 3PL stands for Third Party Logistics. It involves outsourcing your warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution tasks to experts like us. By using our 3PL services, you can save time, reduce costs, and ensure that your products reach your customers quickly and efficiently. We also have experience with Amazon logistics and can provide Prime badging if your store/business is capable of offering 2-day & next-day delivery.

Q5: Do you offer services to help businesses get Amazon Prime badging and Walmart Deal badging?
A5: We do offer resources to get "Prime" and "deal" badging if you are shipping via our 3PL or through your own in-house team.

Q6: How do your marketing services integrate with the e-commerce solutions you offer?
A6: Our marketing strategies are crafted to drive traffic to your e-commerce platform and convert visitors into customers. We employ a holistic approach, ensuring your branding, content, advertising, and e-commerce functionalities work harmoniously.

Q7: Can I choose a combination of services tailored to my business needs?
A7: Definitely! We understand that every business is unique. You can choose a combination of services that fit best for your business, and we'll work closely with you to achieve your goals.

Q8: How do you price your services?
A8: Our pricing is based on the scope and complexity of the project. Contact us for more info.

Q9: Can you share some success stories or case studies of past clients?
A9: We have several blog posts in the works delving into the details of a few unique clients and their very own businesses that have leveraged our services along with helping build the OBVS marketing services. Links coming soon!

Q10: How do I get started with your services?
A10: It's simple! Just reach out to us through our contact page and one of our team members will guide you through the next steps.

Q11: What sets your company apart from other marketing and 3PL service providers?
A11: What differentiates us is our customizable and tailored plans along with our combined services from front/back end development all the way to fulfillment. We're not just a marketing or logistics company, we are both and this ensures seamless branding, marketing, e-commerce, and logistics solutions all in one place. Our team's experience, combined with our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client, makes us a preferred choice for businesses looking for end-to-end solutions. 

Q12: How do you ensure timely delivery and fulfillment through your 3PL services?
A12: We utilize tracking and management systems to monitor shipments in real-time. Additionally, our partnerships with leading carriers and our warehousing processes ensure that products move efficiently and reach their destinations as promised.

Q13: I'm new to e-commerce. Can you guide me from concept to launch?
A13: Absolutely! We specialize in helping businesses, both new and established, to thrive in the digital space. Whether you're starting from scratch or transitioning from a traditional model, we'll guide you through every step – from choosing the right platform, designing a user-friendly interface, setting up payment gateways, to launching and marketing your online store effectively and fulfilling customer orders.

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